Protective & Helpful COVID-19 Steps

One of the many questions floating around is what we’re doing to make sure that our stations are sanitary and protected against the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ve highlighted some key steps that we are taking to make sure that we are being precautionary and protecting our patrons during these rough times.

Sanitizing the gaming spaces

Each space that is available will have sanitary disinfectant wipes located at the station so that you may sanitize any items that yourself or others have used.

Daily Disinfecting

Everyday during closing we are taking steps to disinfect all used stations and peripherals. This ensures that when you come you are using equipment that has been cleaned and disinfected.

6ft Social Distance

Stations will be separated by a 6 foot distance from chair to chair.

Virtual Learning Stations

We’re currently in the process of making virtual learning stations available for kids and parents that are in need of a constructive area for their children to conduct their learning. This is not a day care, but a feature we offer for children of the appropriate age to take part in the center activities.